SkinStories Cd

"SkinStories" is Armando Mafufo's second solo album after the popular "Drumsongs". "SkinStories" is made up of musical sketches, conceptual pieces and traditional Middle Eastern dance drum solos.This CD showcases his tremendous talent with fourteen different stories told on a host of different drums and unlikely percussion instruments. Uncle Mafufo creates an infectious new sound, impressive, intelligent, artistic. Each track will make you sit on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. You can almost hear his voice as he makes each story audible, almost tactile.

Track #2, "Storm Dance", is a vibrant concept piece blending together separate rhythms and complimented by buzz sticks, jaw harp and brass pot. The excitement of Armando's drum "ensemble" on "Six Acrobats" will delight and amaze you. In your mind's eye, "Queen of Blades" tells a tale of warrior women in ceremonial procession filling an arena. "That Old "Song" in 6/8 rhythm begins with a single doumbek joined by frame drums, builds in complexity weaving in a catchy music phrase played on marimbola. "Clap Happy", "Take A Ride", "Shakesperience", "Humpi", and "Arruga la Camisa", are traditional Middle Eastern styled drum solos. All have good tempo changes and clear accents to challenge and delight the dancer. It is an excellent album to listen to by headphones. Listen to it all the way through and it will only make you want to hear more. There is not a track to be skipped………
November 2001