Amel Tafsout wearing the Hathor crown $325.
Ishmael wearing the Adonis crown (sold)

Hathor Crown Created by Armando Mafufo
Gilded in 22K Gold, Green Agate Stone,
has adjustable elastic and is padded so
metal doesn’t touch the skin.

Laura Rose
in the Rose Crown (sold)

Rose Crown Gilded in 22KGold, Carnelian,
Turquoise, adjustable.Created by
Armando Mafufo (sold)

Priestess/Priest Crown, silver plate
adjustable, padded. $195.
Created by Armando Mafufo

Kaori wearing Cobra Crown gilded in 22KGold,
adjustable with elastic, is padded
so metal doesn’t touch the skin. $295.
Created by Armando Mafufo

Amel Tafsout


Moon crown gilded in 22k gold, carnelian,
turquoise, adjustable, padded back
created by Armando Mafufo $295.

Anna Konya