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SIROCCO is the duo Sulyman el Coyote, and Armando Mafufo, playing Middle Eastern music for belly-dancers across the United States and internationally. Improvisation within the genre using traditional instruments was their specialty. SIROCCO has loyal fans who enjoy their ability to create an electrifying atmosphere that ignites belly-dancers and audiences alike. 

Sulyman, aka Soloman or Sol, was one of the founding members of the ’60s band “Kaleidoscope”. He plays masterful oud, zurna, diabolical violin, gypsy cumbus, is ethereal on the ney and is a powerful vocalist. His expertise on saz, kanoon, mizmar, arghool, clarinet, and Flamenco guitar is thrilling. 

Armando, aka Uncle Mafufo, is a melodic doumbek player and a master of shading and textures on the drum. His traditional Middle Eastern instruments that he also plays, nakara, tabl beledi and an assortment of frame drums are a joy to hear.

With Sulyman on mizmar and Armando on tabl beledi, SIROCCO creates a powerful tribal style performance on  Sirocco Vol.I
They continue to thrill on Sirocco Vol.III.    •Sirocco II is currently out of print.

Uncle Mafufo has produced five CDs of his compositions in addition to his very popular 25 Essential Rhythms Cd,  Riqs & Defs DVD and  Basic Rhythms for Arabic Drum DVD.

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