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DVD: Basic Rhythms for Arabic Drum


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Uncle Mafufo presents the rhythmic modes in his easy-to-grasp language of Dun Tec and Ca with patient instruction, close-up detail and illustrative solos. The rhythms are printed on the back cover for easy reference. The DVD is full of information and is 59 minutes long. At the end of the DVD we have added a bonus performance to enjoy. Beginning to Intermediate.The rhythms are: Ayoob, Karachi, Malfoof, Saudi (Khaligi), Maksoom, Sahidi, Beledi, Wahed Tawila (Wahida), Vals, Zebula (Darig), Masmoodi Kabir, Chiftitelli, Karsilama, and the Gypsy rhythm Romany 9 (Sulukule).

If you can say it you can play it…Uncle Mafufo

The DVD and Essential Rhythms CD are wonderful. It is my first real exposure to Middle Eastern percussion…the CD’s are giving me a great deal to work with…
Thanks again
Michael B. from Danbury, Conn.

Your instruction has been invaluable and was easy to understand due to your calm and patient presentation. Just wanted to write and express my gratitude for your guidance. Thank you.
John W. from Chico, Ca.



DVD: Riqs & Defs


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This DVD has the same practical approach to Frame Drums as the Doumbek version. The clear, concise lessons are taught in Armando’s own distinctive style, relaxed and friendly, and are meant to be easily absorbed and understood. Using the drum language of Dun, tec and ca, Mafufo takes the student through each rhythm and technique with carefully illustrative playing. Riq (the Egyptian tambourine) and Def (the large frame drum) are taught and demonstrated in separate segments. The rhythm patterns Ayoob, Malfoof, Khaligi, Vals, Maksoom, Beledi, Sahidi and Darig are printed on the back cover.
Running time is 48 minutes.

…the RIQ DVD and it is amazing…. I just went ahead and ordered the ARABIC DRUM DVD also. Thank you for your excellent products. Peace.
Eric A. Mesa, AZ.



CD: 25 Essential Rhythms for Middle Eastern Drumming


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Uncle Mafufo considered these 25 rhythms essential knowledge for dancers and percussionists. On this CD he first says each rhythm carefully, demonstrates the basic rhythm, then goes on to variations of that rhythm. The modes are written in Dun, Tec, and Ca syllables (D, T, C) and are printed in the included insert for easy reference.

The Rhythms:
2 beat: Ayoob, Turkish; Karachi, Pakistani; Malfoof, Arabic; Saudi or Khaligi, Arabic; Felahin, Egyptian.

3 beat: Darag or Vals, Arabic; Tsamiko, Greek.

4 beat: Maksoom, Arabic; Saidi, Egyptian; Beledi, Arabic; WahedTawila (Wahida), Arabic; Bolero,Cuban; Nawari, Lebanese.

5 beat: Turkish Five.

6 beat: Shish Hasht, Persian; Zebula, African; Shabia, North African.

7 beat: Kalamatiano, Greek; Laz, Turkish or Bulgarian.

8 beat: Masmoodi Kabir, Arabic; Chiftitelli, Turkish.

9 beat: Karsilama, Turkish; Zeibek, Turkish.

10 beat: Armenian Ten or Curcuna, Armenian; Samai, Arabic.



CD: Zills and Drums; Thrilling, Chilling, Zilling CD


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Uncle Mafufo considers the zills an important part of the Bellydancer’s percussion knowledge: which rhythm to play with what, plus variations. Accompanied by tabla, defs, naqara, hand claps, and tabl beledi, Armando uses zills to demonstrate the rhythms.

“I believe any percussion player could benefit from this CD…great for dancing…KAJIRA